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Truly the last year has been extremely hard for the Haitians. Since the assassination of the former President of Haiti, Jovenek Moise (July 2021) the country has been a danger for both Haitians and visitors. The economic environment has left Haitians unable to feed their families. Food prices have soared for even the simple basics of rice, beans and pastas. Many children in Haiti are unable to attend schools. Government services are barely functioning, Gas is unavailable or too expensive too purchase. People are dying of cholera because of lack of clean water. Life is for most.. very bleak. (last edited Oct


PGF has not abandoned our neighbors on the island. People of Haiti need food, water and HOPE! We continue to strive for more!


NEW! Filtered Water - A Clean Drinking water station is now a available to the Grand Boulage Area (April 2022)

"Clean water is life" is written on this community center building! Produce Good Fruit (PGF) built a cistern and added a filtering system to clean the water that is collected from the rain on the nearby roof.


This website is a living document. There will be continuous changes, reflecting work being done. The intent of our ministry is to relieve poverty (as much as is possible) of individuals, families and communities in Haiti. We invite you to help "produce fruit that is everlasting."


Produce Good Fruit (PGF) is a non-profit organization with

501c3 IRS status (granted July 11, 2018)

EIN- 82-3047323



As a result of further hardships resulting from the political, economic and environmental challenges even more individuals and families have little or no food on a daily basis. Since October of 2021 PGF has been delivering food to the most needy families.

Schools and Education

Let's Celebrate!

The students in Morin previously attended school in a primitive, canvas structure; (Summer of 2022) they opened three rooms of the new concrete school.

The second three classrooms building, including a new latrine were constructed (Spring 2023)!

Here is an opportunity to share prayers, expertise and money.


Access to roads is critical. As this road gets built it will offer transportation options for medical care, schools, good and services.

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