This website is a living document. There will be continuous changes, reflecting work being done. The intent of our ministry is to relieve poverty of individuals, families and communities in Haiti. We invite you to help "produce the fruits" that will reward us ALL!


We did an assessment for this man and determined that the first easy step would be build him and his family a cistern. He's blind and without many resources.

This cistern was built for the blind gentleman and his family. (see video - left)

PGF was approached by a local youth group whose mission is to replenish the environment with trees for food, wood and preventing further erosion. Haiti has been deforested in many areas as a result of multiple reasons historically.

Thirty youth were involved in the receiving and care of 200 fruit trees supplied by PGF. They were so eager to nurture the seedlings (mango, lemon, grapefruit and cherry trees). Food for many!