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We did an assessment for this man and determined that the first easy step would be build him and his family a cistern. He's blind and without many resources.



2020 The conditions of the school in Morin were one of primitive means. A new cement structure has been built!


Skim coat- Building Cisterns: Two inch layer inside and two inch outside of concrete. Roof designed. For complete demo.- see video below.


Water is vital! As you can see by the pictures the current situation is filled with extreme hardship. Every year there is a season of drought with no access to water for many people in the mountains. When it rains the collection system is primitive at best.

FEB 2021 - UPDATES: The newest and most cost effective model holds 2,700 gallons.


JULY 2020 - UPDATES: Six cisterns have been built. Each costing $675. These cisterns have been given to select families - poorest of the poor. These families are quick to share with neighbors as well.

Each cistern holds 1,400 gallons complete with gutter collection from roof to cistern. Life expectancy of this system is 20-30 years.

Please consider donating to this effort. There is need for hundreds more systems!

Ultimately providing water management systems/alternatives will save lives, improve health and grow food!


Select and prepare a location for the foundation.


Mix the concrete.


The concrete pad was poured.


Finished roof with the trap door. The gutter connection to gather rain water. Capacity 1400 gallons.



Water is vital! As you can see by the pictures the current situation is filled with extreme hardship. Every year there is a season of drought with no access to water for many people in the mountains. When it rains the collection system is primitive at best.

FALL 2019: As we continue to build a partnership in Grand Boulage, we will soon be building 3 cisterns (1000-1500 gal capacity). The community elders are identifying families with the greatest need. We find homes without a current system to collect water. We are providing the gutter system to collect rainwater and a water storage system.

JANUARY 2020 - UPDATES: Three new cisterns have been constructed! First the families were selected. The mason was hired and the local crew was hired to learn about construction and complete that tasks. Please refer to the photo story below.

Ultimately providing water management systems/alternatives will save lives, improve health and grow food!


JULY 2020 - UPDATE: During the recent three month stay 500 young fruit trees were purchased: Mango, lemon, grapefruit, coffee, cocoa, and avocado trees were purchased. Goats are a danger to these seeding plants, so three fenced nursery areas were developed by those responsible to care for the plants over the next two years. At that time the saplings will be distributed to select families who are trained to care and nurture them responsibly.

Two hundred additional trees were purchased and donated to a local youth group (Union of Young People Blooming for the Community) whose mission includes planting trees to improve the environment and produce food.

This is a fun, experimental endeavor!

PGF was approached by a local youth group whose mission is to replenish the environment with trees for food, wood and preventing further erosion. Haiti has been deforested in many areas as a result of multiple reasons historically.

Thirty youth were involved in the receiving and care of 200 fruit trees supplied by PGF. They were so eager to nurture the seedlings (mango, lemon, grapefruit and cherry trees). Food for many!

SPRING 2019: Some coffee trees, cashew trees, mango trees and citrus trees were purchased, planted as a trial for growth and monitoring. A gauge is in place to monitor rainfall in an area that has no documented history.

We are working on learning about what has worked elsewhere in Haiti. Therefore, sharing, providing education and support. Funds are needed to plant trees and crops that can be consumed or sold in the support of the community.


FALL 2019: We are currently providing funds for a 12' x 12' addition to a home to potentially house 2-3 mission volunteers as a guest house. Larger teams are welcomed to use Grand Boulage Community Center.

"Dieudonne" is a gracious and beautiful woman who has lived 80+ years in this home. She sleeps on a mat on the dirt floor. Her roof does not protect her from the rains. She has helped provide for dozens of children over the years. She is still caring for three grandchildren under age 6. (Both videos)

Below you will see the kitchen area for other neighbors, bed mats and other homes.

To know the problem of poverty intellectually is not to understand it. We need to help relieve it.


MARCH 2017 – Our greatest need at this time is a lawyer to form a corporation including articles of incorporation, bylaws and conflict of interest to form Produce Good Fruits, Inc.

AUGUST 2018 – Corporation is formed. Non-profit status granted. We need people to support our mission! Please contact us.


ABOUT (2016) Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (half of the world)! Poverty isn't only about financial resources. It is about not having food/water, healthcare, roads, shelter, education and having NO HOPE!

I invite you to come along and be part of this service.

We are a ministry of service to our family members in Haiti.

  1. As each of us on the earth make up the vine

  2. We have a vision of extending human dignity to those who are living in physical poverty by using our God given talents.

  3. In real terms, we will enhance the road , bring water, education, construction and agriculture. (The road is the first step as a path to commerce, healthcare, and much more.)

  4. These are great big tasks but together WE can produce good fruit.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve and be served by others as we listen to their needs.

  1. By learning their customs and culture we are given a new point of view of God's gifts. We can share their struggles and celebrations.

  2. We feel that we receive many of God's gifts through our interactions with others.

  3. We give others the opportunity to share their wealth, as not all can make the physical journey to Haiti.

We are a faith-based organization.

  1. Seek first the kingdom of God.. and all these things will be given to you. Matthew 6, 33

Beginnings (2016)

Truly this is not a journey of only giving. It is a journey where we gain many gifts as we witness and receive their humility, love, and sharing. We gain a family!

Since that first trip, I've gone back on multiple trips spending extended periods of time and finally falling in love with several mountain communities. They have dangerous roads, very poor opportunities for education (for those who can go), no electricity, poor water and food resources with no means to make a living for their families. These conditions leave little potential for economic growth and development. Living day to day is for survival. Everything equates to extreme poverty.


The sad fact is that these kinds of places exist all over Haiti and all over this earth. But the comfort I've found here has captured me. There is a world of opportunity to use one's talents to bring dignity to people where dignity doesn't exist. Finally being drawn to a particular region where there is little to no resources, government aid or U.S. aid. 

The Depth of Poverty in a Haitian Household – November 2018

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