Water is Life!

Water is vital! As you can see by the pictures the current situation is filled with extreme hardship. Every year there is a season of drought with no access to water for many people in the mountains. When it rains the collection system is primitive at best.

FEBRUARY 2021 - The original cisterns were 1,400 gallons. The newest and most cost effective model now holds 2,700 gallons for an increased cost of 30%. We've also learned more about capturing the maximum amount of the water during a heavy rain.

Here is an opportunity to share prayers, expertise and money.

Building Ferrocement Cisterns


Family members (especially woman and children) hike daily up and down the mountain to the source of water.

OCTOBER 2021: Here is a 2,700 gallon cistern, complete with gutters and a new roof. The approximate cost is $1,500 US. When it rains this family gift will be shared with family, friends, and neighbors. One cistern can help 100 people.