Water is Life!

Water is vital! As you can see by the pictures the current situation is filled with extreme hardship. Every year there is a season of drought with no access to water for many people in the mountains. When it rains the collection system is primitive at best.

FEB 2021 - UPDATES: The newest and most cost effective model holds 2,700 gallons.


JULY 2020 - UPDATES: Six cisterns have been built. Each costing $675. These cisterns have been given to select families - poorest of the poor. These families are quick to share with neighbors as well.

Each cistern holds 1,400 gallons complete with gutter collection from roof to cistern. Life expectancy of this system is 20-30 years.

Please consider donating to this effort. There is need for hundreds more systems!

Ultimately providing water management systems/alternatives will save lives, improve health and grow food!

Here is an opportunity to share prayers, expertise and money.


The concrete pad was poured. The ferrous mesh wall is designed.


Skim coat. Two inch layer inside and two inch outside of concrete. Roof designed. For complete demo.- see video above.

Finished roof with the trap door. The gutter connection to gather rain water. Capacity 1400 gallons.

Building Ferrocement Cisterns


Select and prepare a location for the foundation. Mix the concrete.