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The Beginning...

My first awakening to the beauty of Haiti was in 2013 on a medical mission trip with a group called "Friends of Haiti" out of Green Bay, WI to whom I will always be grateful. Prior to this trip, deep down my spiritual needs were not being met. A door had opened for me.

Haiti has dangerous roads, very poor opportunities for education, little electricity, poor water and food resources with no means to make a living for their families. Living is day to day to survive.

"Social justice is not enough. The world needs a stronger cure, a more effective witness, and more effective deeds: Those of love." Pedro Arrupe

Produce Good Fruit is a non-profit organization with 501c3 IRS status (granted July 11, 2018)

EIN- 82-3047323

our focus on health continues

Nursing Trips with Friends of Haiti:

  October 2013

  October 2014

  April 2015

  October 2015

  April 2016

As a registered nurse I am able to support simple health issues - scabies and head ringworm. We distribute vitamins to pregnant/nursing mothers and children with obvious needs. With the PGF vehicle we transport many individuals to clinics and hospitals for care.

Our healthcare work has gone from the simple to more complex issues.

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