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Besides the activities under the tab "MOST CURRENT EFFORTS" PGF began (October of 2021) an immediate effort to send aid for food, water, some medical assistance and even monetary donations to relieve the cost of funerals. This community has few resources including no electricity or running water. PGF has an established dedicated team of Haitians to help carry out this new mission.

Tragedy, stifling inflation, scarcity of food and the other necessities result in unbearable hardships.

We were able to care for RoRo with food, clothing and medical care. As an example we were able to follow his care for years and even help provide for his funeral.


School additions (Spring 2023) will replace the final canvas rooms.

PGF now supports teacher salaries in 2 local schools. This donation can benefit 700 students.

Improving healthcare opportunities have also arisen. PGF supplies funding for medications and remote home visits when needed.

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