Agriculture is a learning process. The first step is learning current practices in the mountain regions of Haiti.

JULY 2020 - UPDATE: During the recent three month stay 500 young fruit trees were purchased: Mango, lemon, grapefruit, coffee, cocoa, and avocado trees were purchased. Goats are a danger to these seeding plants, so three fenced nursery areas were developed by those responsible to care for the plants over the next two years. At that time the saplings will be distributed to select families who are trained to care and nurture them responsibly.

Two hundred additional trees were purchased and donated to a local youth group (Union of Young People Blooming for the Community) whose mission includes planting trees to improve the environment and produce food.

This is a fun, experimental endeavor!

Here is an opportunity to share prayers, expertise and money.


These are coffee trees and people go crazy over them!


PGF was approached by a local youth group whose mission is to replenish the environment with trees for food, wood and preventing further erosion. Haiti has been deforested in many areas as a result of multiple reasons historically.

Thirty youth were involved in the receiving and care of 200 fruit trees supplied by PGF. They were so eager to nurture the seedlings (mango, lemon, grapefruit and cherry trees). Food for many!