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What We Are We Doing


1. Water and Food

2. School

3. Road

4. Construction

5. Agriculture


1. WATER AND FOOD - Saving water for better health and providing jobs! Food deliveries twice a month.


Improving lives through more effective education!

The Morin School - Before and After Construction of a New Three - Room Building - Including a 2,700 Gallon Cistern.

We intend to provide support for the community members to gain knowledge and skills to improve their own conditions.

Secondly, we understand that some will be unable to help themselves.


We intend to help them first!

"The poor you will always have with you" Mark 14,7

3. ROAD : Improvements necessary to get to the school and enhance economic opportunities.

4. CONSTRUCTION - trying to meet the basic needs of the community

In order to complete a cistern gutters need to be added and sometimes a new roof.

5. AGRICULTURE - Helping to educate, motivate and community!

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