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2023 - The COMPLEX of the MORIN SCHOOL is complete!!

Morin School with 250 Children -

An Upgrade is a Dream Project in 2020 –

"Let's Build a School"


In 2022 "IT'S HERE!"

The Next DREAM - Complete the Second 3 room building and Latrine!






Additional money was donated to complete the final 3 rooms of the Morin school. The humble canvas structures is no longer used for any of the 6 grades after March 2023.

Here is an opportunity to share prayers, expertise and money.

The 2022 fund raising  efforts funded the THREE STALL LATRINE for teachers, girls and boys. 

MAY 2021 - UPDATES:  Local teams of volunteers rebuilt the road to enable large trucks to deliver sand, cement and other building materials for the new school. Now the first room of a permanent structure is complete. Three additional rooms will make an adequate space for six grades.

Local masons and carpenters were hired to do the skilled work, while parents and other community members also volunteered their services. The final three rooms were added to accommodate the six grade levels.


Haiti has a 61% illiteracy rate overall. In the mountains it is much greater.. maybe 90% of adults living in the mountains cannot read a simple sentence or even write their name.

Education is a means to learning and growing. In order to better support the children PGF is also providing the salary for 30 teachers among 2 local schools that receive little to no government support. With motivated and qualified teachers the whole school and community will benefit!

Long-term we will provide opportunities for children and adults. Adults need trades and life skills to help themselves and their families. Dignity, caring and sharing are the strategies! We want the Haitians to have ownership over their destiny and have HOPE!

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